When To Replace Galvanized Pipes

   Galvanized pipes are iron or steel pipes that were coated with zinc. The pipes were in use in the early nineties and the 1960s, hence some of the homes that were built during that period may have some galvanized pipe plumbing. The minerals in the water that flows through a galvanized pipe will generally react with the zinc that was used to coat the pipe, leaving a residue that can build up over time.

When To Replace Galvanized Pipes

To know when to replace the galvanized pipes in a home, each homeowner will need to determine if they are getting a lower than normal water pressure. They will also need to check for discolored (that is, rust) water from their faucets and for some rusting at their pipes’ joints, they will also need to look for some rusted and pitted spots on the pipes too. Additionally, the average lifespan of galvanized pipes is about 40 years and it is generally recommended that they should be changed/replaced when they are at least 35 years old, hence a homeowner may choose to replace them too before they reach the end of their lifespan and start leaking.

Corrosion and residual build up in galvanized pipes can reduce a home’s water pressure and its flow rate, the pipes will generally need to be replaced in order to correct this. Each homeowner will also need to determine if this is only affecting one or more fixtures in the home or the entire building as a whole.

Replacing the galvanized pipes in a home may be a small or big project, a lot will depend on what each homeowner would have to do in their own specific settings/situations. Homeowners will generally need to know if they will need to replace only a portion or all of their pipes. They will also need to know the best type of pipes to use for their replacements too. The different types of pipes that may be used for the replacement of galvanized pipes include copper and plastic.

Homeowners may choose to check their pipes by themselves, however in some situations, replacing the galvanized pipes in a home may not be as simple as it may appear at first and could end up requiring more finance than was budgeted for it. Each homeowner should therefore get some bids, reviews and some recommendations for their specific situations/settings from some professional plumbers, in order to determine the extent of what they may need to do and its cost before embarking it.